Welcome Middleton GC Customers & Leagues

We’ve been talking to Middleton GC management and as neighbors we want to help with the transition.  Despite differences in our respective facilities we're first and foremost golfers too.  While we're a private country club and that comes with certain constraints out of respect for existing members, we'd like to extend a warm welcome to leagues and would-be members from Middleton GC.  We're certain that between our short game area, range, executive 7 hole course and championship 18 (which hosted the LPGA tour for 10 years) we'll be able to offer a golfing solution for everyone so inclined to join us while Middleton GC is busy moving from one era to another.

Of course you could consider any membership category, but we wanted to highlight one in particular called Executive. 

As a special incentive any Middleton GC customer can apply for this category and:

  • Pay only half the initiation fee, with the first 20 applicants paying no initiation fee at all.
  • Save an additional $960/year in waived food minimums.
  • Take advantage of monthly rather than biannual billing.

Single Executive membership is $2,990 per year, and Family Executive membership is $4,445 per year.  There is more info here, and if you are interested please contact Paul Blanchette.

Leagues are also welcome on our par three course and we will honor the rates you were paying in 2018 at Middleton GC. For more details on league play, or for any golf questions in general, contact Phil Leiss.

Spring is around the corner, so hit them straight!


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