Sample Outing Menu

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Breakfast Choices

Coffee and Tea Station
Regular and decaffeinated coffee with creamers and sweeteners and a selection of teas.

Continental Breakfast
Assorted muffins, pastries, and bagels with fresh juices and coffee and tea station.

Warmup Breakfast
Includes scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and jam, assorted
breakfast pastries, juices and a coffee and tea station.
French toast is an additional option.


Lunch Choices

Halfway House Special
(for PM outings only)
Purchase tickets in advance and have your guests visit the Halfway House for their choice of a hamburger, jumbo hot dog, or specialty wrap sandwiches, as well as a bag of chips and bottle of soda or water.

Boxed Lunch
Cold cut assortments and fresh breads to create three different sandwiches offerings to be served boxed with potato chips, assorted cookies, fresh fruit and choice of non-alcoholic beverage.

Sandwich Buffet
Assorted cold cuts, tuna salad, fresh breads and condiments to be served with potato salad, cole slaw, mixed green salad, assorted cookies, fresh fruit and choice of non-alcoholic beverage.

Assorted fresh breads, mixed green salad, hamburgers/cheeseburgers, hot dogs, BBQ chicken, steak tips, corn on the cob, baked beans, roasted potatoes, watermelon and choice of non-alcoholic beverage.<st1:country-region w:st="on">
</st1:country-region> tips and sirloin steak are additional options.

Dinner Choices

Ferncroft Pavilion
Assorted fresh breads, Caesar salad, mixed green salad with assorted dressings, chicken stir fry with vegetables, cheese ravioli with marinara, medallions of sirloin and mushroom sauce, Tuscan-roasted vegetables, blended wild rice pilaf, assorted cakes and pies.
Choice of non-alcoholic beverage, coffee and tea.

American Buffet
Assorted fresh breads, tomato/cucumber/mozzarella salad, mesclun greens, grilled salmon w/ fruit salsa, herb garlic chicken breast, marinated pork loin, fresh seasonal vegetable, roasted potatoes, as well as an assortment of cakes and fruit pies, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea.

Lobster Bake
Assorted fresh breads, mixed green salad, steamed lobster with drawn butter, BBQ chicken, mussels, steamers, steamed new potatoes, corn on the cob, corn bread, fresh fruit, brownies, choice of non-alcoholic beverage, coffee and tea.


Reception and Refreshment Options

Fruit and Cheese Platter
Assorted domestic and international cheeses with dried and fresh fruits.

Vegetable Crudite
Assorted fresh vegetables with dipping sauces.

Halfway House Fruit Cup
A healthy refreshment for your guests as they make the turn.
Includes cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, grapes and honeydew to give them that extra boost for the final nine holes.

Hot Hors d’oeuvres

Crabmeat stuffed mushrooms

Crab cakes with rémoulade

Mini pizzas

Scallops and bacon

Coconut chicken

Chicken satay

Beef satay

Smoked chicken quesadillas

Vegetable quesadillas

Mini beef Wellington

Sweet and sour meatballs


Pigs in a blanket

 Cold Hors d’oeuvres

Domestic cheese and fruit display

Vegetable crudités tray

Belgian endive with stilton cheese
and apples

Beef Tenderloin with horseradish
and arugula

Shrimp cocktail

Smoked fish platter (25 ppl) 

Smoked salmon platter (25 ppl)

Pesto crostini w/ goat cheese, shrimp and cucumber 

Desserts are available as well and vary by season. 
Please inquire about what sweet offerings we can serve for your event.


Please note this is a sample menu and is subject to change.  Contact [email protected] to inquire about specific choices--we're always happy to work with you to customize menus for your event.

Menu choices are not exclusive to a time of day.

Lunch and dinner options are available at either sitting.



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