Outing Programs

Perhaps not everyone involved in your event is a golfer…yet. Why not entertain your guests, volunteers, and other participants by offering one of these programs taught by our PGA Professionals and staff? Clinics and instruction can also begin weeks prior to your event and carry forward afterwards at your option.

Par Three Tournament
The Executive Course (par threes only) is a seven hole layout that serves as an extension of our practice facility. It is available in combination with clinics, and is an ideal setting for infrequent golfers.

Introduction to Golf
For the true novice, this clinic will introduce the game in the comfort of a group setting. Instructors will demonstrate the correct Grip, Alignment, Stance, and Posture necessary to strike a golf ball. The group will then be taught the fundamentals of the golf swing. By the end of this session each student will be comfortable holding the club, setting up to hit the golf ball, and striking the ball.

Full Swing Clinic
This is the perfect clinic for large groups of novice golfers who have limited golf experience. Each student will enjoy one-on-one time with the instructor since the ratio of students to pro is 6:1. More advanced topics such as swing mechanics and ball flight analysis are covered in this clinic.

Short Game Clinic
The fundamentals of chipping, pitching, and putting will be the focus. Each student will walk away from this clinic with the tools necessary to lower his or her scores.

Putting Clinic
The mysteries of putting the ball in the hole will be solved in this clinic. Proper setup and alignment will be reviewed followed by an examination of each student’s putting stroke. Good technique that enhances the player’s “feel” for the putter, the ball, and the green. A brief demonstration on how to “read” greens will conclude the session.

Comprehensive Clinic | 2 hours - includes a break with refreshments
This program puts it all together for the group that wants the whole package. Each student will receive approximately 30 minutes of instruction in each of four areas: full swing, chipping, pitching, and putting.

Tip Clinic
One of our instructors is available for your clients or guests at the practice facility prior to your event to answer any and all questions regarding their golf game.

All clinics run approximately 45 minutes to just over an hour and are priced by the number of instructors required per group. Clinics can be tailored to meet the specific goals of your outing.


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