Membership FAQs

Is Ferncroft Country Club associated with the DoubleTree hotel (formerly the Sheraton Ferncroft)?
No. The Club became independent of the Sheraton Ferncroft Hotel in February 2006 for the first time since it was constructed in 1969. The Club is managed by Affinity Management who specializes in private clubs and has worked with clubs in 24 states since 1997.

Is a portion of my joining fee refundable if I move out of the area?
Full Golf and Full Corporate Memberships offer refundable initiation deposits. The redemption percentage for current applicants is 80%. This means that Full members will be refunded 80% of their initiation deposit upon resignation for any reason in accordance with the Membership Plan.

Does the refundable membership imply that Ferncroft CC is an “equity club”?
Ferncroft CC is not an equity club. In an equity club the members own the club. While this can come in varying forms, in most cases members are responsible for operating losses and members are subject to capital and operating assessments. Ferncroft CC members are not subject to assessments of any kind.

Can the refundable percentage change?
The refundable percentage available to new membership applicants may be different than for prior applicants. For instance Founder Memberships were 100% refundable, but that category was fully subscribed within six days of being launched. However, once an applicant is accepted for membership, the redemption percentage is documented in that applicant’s membership agreement and remains fixed for the duration of their membership at Ferncroft CC.

Is my refund amount affected if the initiation deposit amount increases or decreases in the future?

No, each membership agreement documents the initiation deposit paid and the redemption amount at the time of application and these become the redemption formula upon resignation.

Does the Club need to be full before I receive the refund of my initiation deposit?
No, provisions have been made to enable refunds even at times when the Club is still accepting membership applications.

Why does the Club offer a refund when members resign?
The reality is that people relocate more frequently than ever these days, so most new clubs around the country offer a similar deposit structure to reflect that reality and to give peace of mind to those making a decision about joining a club. Many premier New England private clubs predate this mobility trend and therefore have non-refundable or equity membership structures. Ferncroft CC offers a rare combination of a modern membership structure at a Club with a rich heritage due to Affinity’s acquisition of the Club.

Are membership redemptions paid in installments over 30 years?
Not at Ferncroft CC, though some clubs do work this way. Once a resigning Ferncroft CC member is eligible for redemption, the Club will issue a lump sum redemption check.

May I transfer my membership rather than resigning?
Only Full Corporate Memberships offer the opportunity to designate new users. Otherwise Ferncroft CC memberships are not transferable.

Does Ferncroft CC still offer annual golf memberships?
Prior to 2006, all Ferncroft CC members were annual members with contracts expiring January 1st. While this is convenient for some, it unfortunately does not produce the member commitment required by a club needing to make capital improvements so we are transitioning away from this structure. That said, Affinity retained annual memberships on a transition basis in order to preserve friendships amongst members that otherwise might have been interrupted by annual members planning to move in the foreseeable future.

What portion of golf members are annual members?
Substantially less than half of golf members are annual members and the percentage continues to decline as more members upgrade to full membership.

When will annual memberships be discontinued?
No specific date has been announced beyond Affinity’s initial presentations describing this category as being phased out over five years. However, annual memberships are revocable by the Club once capacity has been reached and a membership applicant desires a Full Golf Membership of any type.

May annual members upgrade to Full Golf Membership?
Any category of membership may be upgraded at any time provided a space is available in the new category.

Do members earn referral fees by bringing in new applicants?
No. Private clubs are in some ways different than many businesses. Ferncroft CC does indeed believe that the best source of growth comes through members who are proud of their Club and want to share it with friends. However, we feel paying members a bounty to do so undermines otherwise sincere motives so we refrain from such incentives.

Do I need to know other Ferncroft CC members before applying for membership?
No. Membership inquires are welcome – please see below.

Is it possible to speak with current members before applying for membership even if I don’t know any members?
We are delighted to introduce prospective applicants to other members of the Club.

Will I be required to serve on any committees?
Ferncroft CC is very receptive to member input, but we believe management by committee can undermine the enjoyment most members seek at a private club. The Club has active men’s and women’s golf associations, and otherwise we meet with members regularly to get feedback and suggestions.

I’m interested in becoming a member. What are the next steps?
Read about the application process or direct membership inquiries to [email protected]. You may also call our Membership Director at (978) 739-4040 x223.

Is the membership application available online?
No, to obtain an application for membership you must contact Ferncroft CC.

Is there a probationary or waiting period where I cannot have full privileges?
At the moment, a membership applicant gains full privileges upon acceptance to the Club. However, Ferncroft CC is nearing waiting lists for both full golf and social memberships so this is subject to change in the future.

What is the maximum number of members at Ferncroft CC?
Like most private clubs, we have no formal capacity limit for social members.  The Club limits the number of full golf members to 400 as more fully described in the Membership Plan.

When are membership dues paid?
Membership dues are paid in two installments with half being due January 1st and the remainder due April 1st.

Should I worry about large dues increases from year to year?
Affinity is an experienced club operator that believes it is sensible to mirror the rising costs of doing business and to provide good wages to retain good employees. Further, we aim to do so in modest increments as costs increase rather than deferring the decision for several years and then surprising members with a large dues increase. 

What methods of payment are accepted for membership joining fees and dues?
Initiation deposits for full golf and full corporate memberships must be paid by check. Dues and incidental charges (food, cart fees, merchandise) are first billed to a member account, which is subsequently charged to a credit card on file on a monthly basis.

Is Ferncroft family-friendly?
Yes! Ferncroft CC welcomes children at the pool and for tennis, dining and golf (the Championship Course has some restrictions depending on age and playing ability). We offer a children’s menu and we are delighted to offer instruction, clinics, and camps for aspiring golfers and tennis players. We also offer a Junior Membership for those under 19 who wish to play golf or tennis, but whose family are not members. For the younger set, we have a sand play area and play set next to the pool for hours of fun.

Can Members bring guests for lunch or dinner?
Ferncroft CC welcomes guests of members for lunch, dinner or private parties.

Can non-members dine at the Club if they are not accompanied by a member?
No, Ferncroft CC is a private club for use by members and their guests.

What is the restaurant’s dress code?
Dress is country club casual. Jeans are not permitted in the dining room except in the winter months, beginning in December. They must be free of rips and graffiti and must fit properly.


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