Membership Categories

We offer an array of membership options to meet the needs of varying lifestyles. A limited number of memberships remain available – don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to join. Memberships are offered to individuals or families.

Membership Descriptions

Full Membership
Entitles the Member (as defined in the Membership Plan) full use of the golf, tennis, swimming, fitness, dining, and social facilities at the Club, including golf without green fees. Members are responsible for cart fees, guest charges and food minimums. Members who hold a Full Membership are not required to pay green fees for the use of the golf facilities, court fees for use of the tennis courts, or usage fees for use of the swimming pool. Full Membership is 70% refundable upon resignation in accordance with the terms of the Membership Plan.

Academy Membership (Learn More)
Ferncroft CC developed this category for adult beginners that provides affordable membership, equipment, clinics and lessons to make it easy to embrace golf.  The program emphasizes the pursuit of personal goals, comfort, fun and the opportunity for positive social interactions with other adult beginners with common interests. Whether you've never touched a golf club or play a few awkward rounds each year, let the Academy help you achieve your goals.

Corporate Membership

Offers golf and/or social privileges to three or more designated users, not all of whom must be golf members. Corporate Membership is available only to bona fide organizations. Full Corporate Members may sponsor a limited number of unaccompanied guests and are entitled to a sliding scale Initiation Deposit.

Associate Membership

For applicants less than 35 years old, this offers the same privileges as a Full Membership with reduced fees and initiation deposit. Associate Membership is offered on a limited basis.

Executive Membership
A Golf Membership that allows the Member general access to the Executive golf course and the driving range and golf practice facilities. General access to the eighteen hole Championship golf course is not permitted under this membership category, but 4 green fees, not including golf cart fees, are included for the Championship course annually and another 4 rounds on the Championship course are available at the guest rate.  Executive members may choose to split eighteen hole rounds on the Championship course into 2 nine-hole rounds.  These rounds shall be used in non-prime times based on availability. No portion of these rounds shall be eligible for use if not used in the designated calendar year. 

Junior Membership
A Golf Membership available only for use by children of non-Golf Members under 19 years of age that allows general access to the Executive golf course, driving range and golf practice facilities.  General access to the Championship golf course is not permitted under this membership category, although limited access to such course may be granted as provided in the Rules and Regulations.

Social Membership
Offers use of the Clubhouse, tennis, fitness and pool facilities and the opportunity to attend Club functions and social events. Social Members are permitted to play golf four times annually during periods established by the Club with the payment of guest fees. Social Memberships are non-refundable.

Membership at Ferncroft CC provides a revocable license to use the Club facilities in accordance with the terms and conditions of the membership as set forth in the Membership Plan. 

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