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A letter from a Ferncroft CC member:

"With the financial market turmoil and the addition of a new family member this year, we are more aware of our finances than ever before. As we reviewed the many financial choices we face as a family, it was an easy decision keep our membership at Ferncroft CC.

Why was this such an easy decision? It’s the people. The Ferncroft CC staff.

Here are just a few of the many examples of why we will be back this year:

Paul Krisko has always gone out of his way to come over and say hello. This guy gets his job done and always finds a way to speak with the members and their guests to make sure everything is ok.  He makes going to Ferncroft CC like walking into a favorite hangout where everyone knows you.

Phil Leiss went out of his way this past year to accommodate me. In the early fall, my company was having a conference in Boston and I asked him if I could take some guests out for a round. Phil helped me secure tee times that fit our schedule, set up the carts, set up awards and made sure we were all taken care of.  He has repeatedly found ways to say "yes" when faced with non-standard requests and that goes a very long way in my book. He is extremely professional and how he remembers everyone's name is frankly beyond me.

Don Christianson works at the Barn. The day we had the golf outing mentioned above, one guest showed up late and as he was getting into the cart, realized he had forgotten his shoes and had nothing to play in but his work shoes. Without missing a beat, Don went to his car, pulled out his bag and lent my guest his own golf shoes. No big deal for him. Don just saw a chance to help out and did it.

Pam works as a waitress at the Snack Shack at the turn. I can never say enough about how wonderfully pleasant she is both to me and my family. When in the restaurant, she remembers what we drink and has it on the table for us as quickly as possible. Pam knows all my kids by name and addresses them individually, sits us where we won't disturb others, gets us our meals quickly, and has developed such a good relationship with our children that they will go up to the buffet with her to get their meals!

It’s this type and level of service that made it so easy for us to decide to maintain our Ferncroft CC membership."

- Name Withheld at Member’s Request

“The new owners of the course have done a great job with the renovations and improvements and have made Ferncroft a place to want to be a part of.”

- Legendary Boston Bruin Don Sweeney, quoted in North Shore Golf Magazine

“Ferncroft is a nice course with great people. [My husband and I have] been members for five years and I’ve had some great games with Lisa Anderson, Lori Kelfer, Noreen Trudel, among others. It’s a good fit.”

- Dana Harrity
Named “Top North Shore Female Amateur Player 2005”  by North Shore Golf

“In two years the golf course has been restored to a condition it has not seen since its heyday in the eighties. The future plans should have Ferncroft CC back to an absolute gem.”

- George King, Jr., Ferncroft CC member

“Ferncroft CC has everything I need – an outstanding golf course, great people, and a family-friendly atmosphere. I am proud to be a member of this growing Club.”

- Ken Sasso, Ferncroft CC member


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