Beginners' Golf Lessons & Academy

Golf Lessons for Beginners in Massachusetts

Public golf courses compose 75% of golf facilities, but most are simply too crowded to make beginners comfortable, and driving ranges are very limited in the components of the game they can address. 

Learning Golf in the Boston Area

Ferncroft developed the Academy Membership for adult beginners in the Boston area. Modeled after the tennis and ski industries, it provides affordable membership, equipment, clinics and lessons to make it easy for adults to embrace golf. The program emphasizes the pursuit of personal goals, comfort, fun and the opportunity for positive social interactions with other adult beginners in Massachusetts with common interests. Whether you have never touched a golf club or play a few awkward rounds each year, the lessons, training and atmosphere at the Academy will help you achieve your goals.

Why Ferncroft CC Lessons & Training are the Best in Massachusetts

The Academy Membership is designed to help beginning adult golfers ease their way into a complex game based on the following principals: 

  • Customized - Your experience is based on your goals. You may simply want to not embarrass yourself at the annual company outing. Perhaps you want to be able to match the skill of a family member. Maybe you seek low impact, fun outdoor exercise. Based on your goals, our teaching professionals develop a plan for you to get from point A to point B. Choose from private lessons, small groups, clinics and different instructors.
  • Caring - Beyond swinging a club, we will address off course topics like etiquette, attire, where to stand, operating golf carts, who should pay, how to check in for a round and the other things you need to know. We’ll even email a weekly update with tidbits to use at the water cooler.
  • Convenient - New members are always pleasantly surprised to learn that golf lessons can be found so close to Boston, and being just 19 miles north of downtown, the excellent highway access makes getting to the course a breeze. You may maintain a locker at the Club with a change of clothes and you’ll have full access to amenities like the pool, tennis and fitness center. Park and be practicing within minutes. Putt, chip, work on your swing or even play a couple holes after work to get some fresh air.
  • Comfortable - No clubs? Use ours. Want to be left alone? No problem. Prefer to learn alongside someone with common interests? Bring a friend or let us make an introduction. Need help pushing through a comfort zone? We are all about service to help you succeed.
  • Cost-Effective - The Academy is one of the best golf lesson values in the Boston area and includes a number of free lessons and clinics, all at a price 90% less than full membership.

Contact our Membership Director today to learn more about the Academy Membership at 978-739-4040 ext 223 or [email protected]. ...


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